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Once again an opportunity arose in my hometown of Topeka, KS for me to paint in a skatepark that i had played in when I was just a young punk kid kicking around a soccer ball. This is the second summer in a row to paint in this park and I jumped at the chance. I sure love how ARTSConnect (a great local Topeka arts organization) is so very supportive of local art and public art overall. Painting at “Rip-On” Skatepark in Shunga Park off of 22nd and Washburn Ave several artists descended on April 20th to beautify the skatepark once more, and this being the 3rd such event painting in this skate bowl. I decided to do a gnarly totem pole with my signature bright colors and bold line work.

My overall goal was to create something rad in about 5 hours as I new that those glassy eyed skatepunks would just immediately roll and skate on it, heeeeey that is what is supposed to happen so I already knew this going into it. Nah worries, I just love creating and have developed a quick bold style for just such occasions.

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