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When I was at the local skatepark last month painting to beautify the park before a skate competition happening soon, I of course looked over at my creation from last summer 2017 and it was really getting chippy and the colors were fading.  I mean my art held up really well considering all the skating that had taken place, but I knew I wanted to refresh the design a bit when I had the chance. So woke up one morning and decided to hop to it nice and early. Gave myself 2hrs and some brighter colors to freshen up my design. Here is what it looked like before I started (after 1 year of wear and tear). Ha I did some gold fangs last summer, fun fun.

This is what it looks like after the refresh, and I decided upon white fangs as some skaters told me the gold paint got slick when it was wet outside. Much brighter and pops way better than the original, added some extra nasty stench breath emanating from it, ha ha!

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