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Creating Public Art To Inspire Your Community Towards Action!

A collaborative conversation about the things most important to your organization, business, or community is how change starts.
Photograph of the LULAC Senior Center Mural located in Oakland part of Topeka, KS.

Current Project = Habitat For Humanity

This is project is 90% complete as of last Friday, December 8th, 2023. Finishing up this week, and will reveal the full project once done. Wow it is so much fun to create on a challenging surface like a 40ft shipping container!


Rear area of business property did not reflect the public art efforts made to the rest of the building in The NOTO Arts District.



Collaborated with the client to define the core principles of their organization, four words resonated the most… “Unite, Empower, Volunteer, and Build”. I love a pure typographical solution and set upon creating a bold solution to reach viewers passing by from the street.  

See What People Are Saying...


“Robert is hugely talented and has been a pleasure to work with on huge projects managed by ArtsConnect as well as a number of works that have been commissioned by individual building owners. He’s an amazing artist with the ability to teach, lead and make mural dreams come true.”
-Sarah Fizell Executive Director of ArtsConnect

Zimmerman Law

“Robert is a joy to work with. He is a visionary and does his own research on the meaning you want to bring out in your mural. He worked around our scheduling and the weather beautifully. We could not be more pleased.” – Angel Zimmerman Zimmerman & Zimmerman Law

785 Gallery

“Robert Tapley Bustamante is a breath of fresh air. Never cliche, never boring, and always bringing new ideas to the table in a professional and timely manner, his repair with the public is just as stellar. Always a welcome part of my gallery whether it is participating in a group event or solo show.” -Lisa Wadulisi LaRue-Baker Owner of 785 Gallery

KC Rubber & Belting Co

“Over a decade ago, I decided to have a mural painted on the Prospect side of my business that was constantly being tagged by gang graffiti. A mutual highschool friend suggested a guy named Robert Tapley Bustamante, and I told him that it’s a small world, and that he need say no more, because I already know who, and how talented and creative, he is!” -Joe Skates President & CEO
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