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Awards & Recognition

  • Commissioned by Blue Moon Brewing Company for beer label consideration, February 2015.
  • Art In The Loop foundation recipient for street art project in downtown KC, October 2014.
  • Featured cover artist for KC magazine, August 2013.
  • Adbusters Project Spotlight Award recipient for a self generated project on Coca Cola.
  • Honored for advertising excellence at the 2007 Aster Awards in Kansas City.
  • Awarded top honors “Best of Show” for Latino Art Bravisimo 2009 for my “Incogneato” painting.
  • Multiple award winner for Latino Art Bravisimo.
  • Published in the Kansas City Star in a write up for a big Latino group art show.
  • Awarded a “Featured Artist Award” top 10 best outta 140 artists for an NYC Erotica group show.
  • Some lame Flash website I did was featured on CNN.
Waiting for paint to dry on a recent mural project in 2020

Hello, my name is Robert Tapley Bustamante (AKA VisualSoul) thanx for lending me ur eyes and allowing me to spew forth into them, ha. I will keep the fluff to a minimum, is a nationally recognized and multi-disciplined artist with an emphasis upon and expressing myself by being a live-painter, graphic designer, web code developer, illustrator, weirdo, and overall creative power monkey. Working primarily in a hyper-flattened illustrative style, I like to create soul stirring emotional landscapes that are best described as “beautifully disturbing”. Over the past 5 years I have participated in 80+ shows, and a whole bunch more before then, been painting and kicking azz since 1996.

Really my story is much like anyone else, just pushin and poppin on these paints late into the night, trying to communicate, trying to make something emotionally relevant and viable. Hoping for someone to give a crizznap about the lines spewing from my paintbrush. Emotional energy comes easy for me, so I just do it.

My emotionally intense paintings have been shown nationwide in galleries and various venues. I have exhibited in Kansas City, Saint Louis, Detroit, Denver, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Brooklyn, NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Been looking to get more International as my efforts have led to a Brazilian e-magazine.

Going forward, I am focusing upon establishing a line of T-shirts, screen printed posters, risk taking publications, and interesting galleries.

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