Peep my videos of various live painting events.

Over the years I have Live Performance Painted at many rock shows and rap shows, however only at a few of these did I get actual footage of the art in the process of being created. All of these videos are collaborative efforts amongst many artists I am fortunate to call friends! I will add  more as I find them.

Mastodon & Deftones & Alice In Chains

Getting down with the bruthaz and slanging paint for a private event at a concert. The Pitch had asked me to find sum cats to paint with, thereby adding to the atmosphere of the pre-party before the metal shredding began, ha. I naturally thought thru my filthy list of compadres, criminals, and overall shifty types so TJ Matthews and Tyler Coey were on deck, so we hashed out a general surface idea of 12″ squares of chipboard to form a big slab we all mobbed on. It was good company, like a family of badgers with TJ prowling around the edges of the piece, ha haz!

Bad Mofo Collabo

Live painting collaboration featuring 7 of Kansas City’s most innovative artists. 5 hours of painting on a huge 9’x5′ canvas divided into 12 mini canvases to be auctioned off. Event was organized by me at the now defunct Keyhole Gallery on August 7th, 2010 during First Friday! Participating artists were Robert Tapley Bustamante, Jose Faus, Trenton Matthews, Jim “Chico” Buehler, Timothy Barr Rowland, Dane Bonner, Patrick Sullivan, and Ryan Tenney.

Live music provided by the ethereal and trance inspiring Restless Breed.

KC Live

Kansas City artist, Robert Tapley Bustamante steps up to our Art Attack challenge to create a new piece of work in less than an hour, and does it all for charity!

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