come on admit it, everyone does a little mouthbreathing at some point in their lives.

Whats this mouthbreathing all about?

Sure it is a silly term that makes me laugh, even a decade after hearing it I still laugh. So basically this term applies to some of your friends, trust me, in case you need a reference Urban Dictionary has us covered very well, ha. A secret confession is that I like to go to malls or where people eat in public and get sum inspiration. Funny i know, but the mouth is most honest when it is mowing thru a plate of nachos, not when it is blathering on about some lame topic you heard before. Ehhhh, maybe i am the only one who feels this way. Human mouths, monkey mouths, ha ha all of it is fair game!


Mouthbreathers ready to pounce

Everywhere I turn mouthbreathers abound, ready to pounce. Yes my friends, you did indeed read that correctly, so often i get asked “what was it that inspired me to create these drawings?”  I purposefully used a calligraphy pen and dipped into ink, did the watercolors beforehand, but also went back in with watercolors along the way. Did all of these on thick water color paper, and really just watched a bunch of monster flicks while I drew to a candle lamp providing flickering light source. I feel this really adds a vibrancy to my work.

Fundraiser for cool Boston gallery

Saw a call out for a cool gallery in Boston that was having a USPS fundraising event in early 2013, so i must have done like 26 of these over a two nite period, just kicked back with some great tunes and spazzed these out for a good cause. Literally slapped them in a mailer to Boston to UGLY gallery, to read more, please check out their official blog write up about the show and the mini gallery recap shown there. I have a pic here you can hop to if ur in a hurry and must get hoppin. Anyhowz, these guys have great urban art shows and have their pulse on some of the hottest artists around.

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