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Welcome to Monkey Azz Love!

the tales of a lovable half evolved man ape


You have picked a good place to land for awhile…
Do you like monkeys like me? Do you often think they have conversations about us humans?
Yep me too, well dive in and enjoy this project I did for a traveling sketchbook show that went coast to coast.

Welcome to the first edition of Monkey Azz Love

This is when things got really interesting in 2009, the moment I decided to do this custom sketchbook for a traveling sketchbook library on wheels going to 8 cities. The journey started in Brooklyn where these guys are from, and made its way to Saint Louis for a show, and then onto the West Coast. The basic concept was to fill a Moleskine sketchbook and return it for a nationwide roadshow. I rolled up to Saint Louis for the event and it was a trip I will always remember, had a blast! Please view slideshow gallery below and personal video footage taken at show!

Inspiration for sum monkey azz fun

My love for collecting books and other scientific oddities allowed for a gem of a find, an old evolutionary coloring book full of fantastic illustrations and basically the history of man. Well my sketchbook fills in the “gaps” and weaves a social commentary element into the mix.

What is The Sketchbook Project?

So you are asking, what is this Sketchbook Project all about and what is the deal here. Well the larger idea of public and shared art. We are an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects. Our flagship endeavor is The Sketchbook Project, a crowd-sourced library that features 35,196 artists’ books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries.

What is the Brooklyn Art Library?

Brooklyn Art Library is home to The Sketchbook Project collection in its physical form. The walls are lined with shelves that hold the tens of thousands of sketchbooks currently in the collection, created by artists from around the world. The library serves as a reading room where you can get cozy and spend an afternoon enjoying artwork in a hands-on experience with the help of their librarians.

With so many books in the library, they developed a system to make it easy for anyone to explore. Each book is individually barcoded and cataloged with searchable details, like where the book is from, the materials used, the artist’s name, tag words, and much more. Whether you are interested in seeing a book about robots, a book created in Berlin, or even books selected for you at random, you can search and explore using your own mobile device when in their space.

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, this space is where The Sketchbook Project’s diverse contributors come together and serves as our link to New York’s creative community. Their storefront encourages interaction between artists and their audience, and introduces members’ work to new viewers. Brooklyn Art Library also hosts readings, artist presentations, and welcomes group visits. For their upcoming event schedule, click here or visit their Facebook events page.

Live video from night of show opening!

Go ahead, you know you wanna peek at me giving a quick flip through these pages. Would have liked to have captured all pages, but oh well, such the way it goes at a packed art opening. I held and flipped, while my cool artist friend Jane provided the steady camera hands. This clip gives you a better context for the size of the sketchbook, bout as big as the typical smartphone.


Over 2,000 sketchbooks that night

It was a sight to behold, seeing so many sketchbooks in big table top piles, all hap hazard like and inviting you to touch and discover. The crowd was ecstatic all night long, diving into piles of mystery and hopefully little daydreams as well. It was a heady mixture of public and private outpouring… strangers reading  strangers strange custom art books.

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