Monkey Azz Love zine

yep, you know you want some more...

Some more hot monkey madness and this time expanded into an official self published zine!
Below you find some sample pages for your amusement and details on how to purchase.

A second heapin’ helpin of Monkey Azz Love (redux)

Ever since creating Monkey Azz Love for a Moleskin nationwide traveling sketchbook show in 2009, I have wanted to expound upon my strange brew of evolutionary buffoonery. As it so often goes, many projects passed along, and I finally started sketching monkeys and such again. So in 2011 an opportunity arose to create a “zine” for the well respected “art book” publisher Beautiful/Decay outta San Francisco. Basically the dealy-yo was to complete 100 “zines” for inclusion in the next issue of B/D to be mailed out to their subscriber list. Originally they had only requested 100 zines, but i wanted to hustle up so I sent 300 zines. Overall, I did a publishing run of 1,000 zines. I still have some if interested.

What is this monkey madness?

Talking apes, scorn and evolutionary ridicule, does all that sound good to you? Yep well me too! That is why I created these 12 illustrations and wrapped it into a “zine” called Monkey Azz Love, which is a mini comic if you will. A palm sized zine that packs a punch, you don’t believe me, look at the gallery to the left. Really I cannot assume anything. Ok so, just to establish a frame of reference, in case this is your first time here reading my chop suey prose. Please start with my original Monkey Azz Love project I did for a traveling sketchbook show. By all means feel free to dive in and laugh ur lips off, I have a gallery you can easily scroll thru on the left. These photos encapsulates the project by showing all the images in the zine, and I even show the finished product. My hopes were to create a well rounded write up for those fans and friends that missed my show(s) over the years.


What is Beautiful/Decay magazine?

Lifted directly from their site, as I find going to the source always best… “Beautiful/Decay began as a small black and white, DIY, photocopied ‘zine in 1996, releasing three issues in its first incarnation. In 2001, it was resurrected as a full color art and design publication featuring some of the most cutting edge and exciting work by artists and designers from all over the world.  Over the years Beautiful/Decay grew a cult following and evolved from a widely distributed magazine to a limited edition book. After releasing 35 printed issues, B/D shifted it’s attention full time to its rapidly growing blog; is now home to the same exciting content that made Beautiful/Decay a widely loved and revered creative bible”.

I love independent publishing as it makes guys like me possible, hats off to Beautiful Decay! To access and feast ur eyes upon their entire backlog of magazines go to their official “about” page.

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