Jungle Leaves

welcome to my leafy exploration of shapes and nature


First started painting Jungle Leaves about 3 years ago as i’ve always had an interest in biology and botany.
Dive on in to see my paintings and how i bend and twist forms to form a rhythm.

Welcome to my Jungle Leaves!

Where to start talking about these creations? Well first of all, I have only been creating this particular style of leaf for under two years. So really I am still exploring the possibilities of these “jungle leaves” and just having fun exploring and discovering. True to the nature of my character driven work, with this subject matter I am more interested in exploring emotional realities rather than paint some exact plants from a specific jungle. This is more about the “idea of a jungle” and less so about exact time and place.


My interest in biology

My interest in biology has always served me well, as I have a passion for plants, and this carries over and spills outta me when I paint. If I had to trace it back, i’ve been using floral elements in my pieces now for over 10+ years. That being said, it is only recently that I have been curious enough to eliminate some visual elements and just explore the leaves as visual patterns with multiple layers. Dense with intensity is a good way to say it! Colors influence a piece so much, and i get a charge outta trying different color combos, really into rust and teal these days.

Below is a mini gallery of just my Jungle Leaves, please enjoy. Making it easy for you to sort thru my images in a focused way. Many of these have been Live Performance Painted on the spot for various charity events to support many great causes. So it seems the leaves go over better than my mouthbreathing monsters at these charity events, ha ha.

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