Jungle Leaves - neon green & blue

Jungle Leaves – neon green & blue

$375.00 $250.00

  • hand painted
  • acrylic & rusty paint
  • thick wood with gesso 3/4″ profile
  • 12×16 inches unframed
  • signed on the back
  • rust metallic background
  • Ready as is, hanging wire on back
  • the wood slab appears to float with custom hanging kit

Just imagine a world where the jungle is alive and conscious in its very own way. Now imagine this leafy world extending for miles and miles of forrest floor, everywhere you see, you see jungle leaves. This is one painting out of my “Jungle Leaves” series and is a continuation of exploring the beauty and danger of nature.

Product Description

Painted on a thick slab of 3/4″ wood, this one of a kind piece of art has a depth and sturdiness to it that commands attention. I will continue to make more, but no two will ever be the same. This is my “Jungle Leaves” type rhythm paintings centering on leafy almost snake plant like, but think like and x-ray of a snake plant. Ha ha. I love doing these.

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