Gorilla Wall

A mural for a local rubber & belting company.

Custom murals

For a living room wall.


Is an attempt to beautify our dull grey urban landscape with huge colorful leaves and flowers seeming to spring to life out from street level. Painted directly onto the metal rails of a common security gate, the image only fully reveals itself to unsuspecting pedestrians at certain angles.

Best Of Show

Yeah nice one, riiiight? I agree as I was surprised to win an award from the annual Latino Art  Bravisimo show back in 2010, I was honored to accept and got a sweet gold ribbon to prove it.

Jungle Leaves

Nature and floral elements have been a part of art work for a long time, but its only been within recent years where I made these leafy elements the main attraction and not just a visual backdrop to a character piece.

Little Creepers

Well what can I say about this little creepers? I am into Japanese art and was inspired by the block printing look of the water waves and reformulated into this “noodle” shape you see. I swap out the eyes and mouth expressions to amuse myself.

Previous Art Shows

It occurred to me that friends and fans have missed out previous art shows, so this is my attempt to create a section of my site where you can catch up as I have created mini-galleries and have tried to recapture the essence of each show.

Solo show tomorrow @Zimmer

Ok so I only have a smartphone in my pocket that I constantly fiddle with, yeeeeeahz so just now getting a post going to announce my show tomorrow. Sheesh have only known about it for like a month, better late than never, ha ha. Must get quicker on the uptake in 2015 sheesh its a must.

This is my first show of the year, and I luv starting the New Year off with a bang. I will be showing 17 pieces, many seen for the first time really so this will be a good show to see a range of my skills. Mostly keeping my snarling Mouthbreathing monsters at home for this show, but I will have sum pieces with bite to them, i promise.

Wine and light refreshments will be provided.

Zimmer Real Estate Services
1220 Washington Street #100
Kansas City, MO 64105

Hearts art auction for charity tonight!

Come out and help with a great cause, approximately 170 local and nationally recognized dope artists will be reppin “hearts” with their custom art work tonight… and oh my, all will surely be available for purchase! I did 2 pieces and my sweetie daughter did 1 piece!

So here’s the quick skinny, in case you find urself here wondering what all this talk of “hearts” is all about. It’s basically a silent art auction on Dec 5th @ the VML Wise gallery near 2019 Baltimore right in the heart of the Crossroads. Over 170 hearts will be available, a wood cutout that each artist took and crafted in their own medium. So sum artists used paint, some used clay to mold pieces, and yet sum glued found objects onto the 12″x16″ wood surface of 1/2″. This is one show NOT to be missed, def worth your time and effort and contribute to a good cause all at once!

Shout out to Scribe, he is the brainchild behind this massively successful event, thank you for having a deep vision to help so many families thru garnering collaboration amongst so many talented local & national cats!

Live painted this for Evo launch in KC

Yellow girl, blue hair in jungle leafy goodness

Live Painted this at EVO launch event.

Hustlin 300MPH it seems for several weeks straight now, feels good to be so active but dragging a bit on my social media posts. Ok so I got asked to do a live painting for an event this past Monday, Sept 22nd for a high-end hair care product line called Evo at a local bar Tank Room. Basically had 3hrs to bang on something and I wanted the focus to be girls hair, so I chose a composition never done before. Felt good 2 take risk in such a public setting. Painted this on 24″x36″ wood surface, and the company owner bought my piece at end of night!

Hearts Social Club @Tower Tavern

Customized wood shaped hearts with art

Wood shaped hearts customized by artists for charity

Going to this here in a few hours to jam on a “heart” for charity. Gonna be fun to slay this one, as I got two hours realistically. Just really honored to be in the room with all this talent that I can mingle and peek over at while my stuff is drying. You can bet I will be drooling and mouthbreathing tonight as I gaze and blaze.


This is a series of get togethers between all kinds of artists, many I can call friends. The goal is to raise money for Children’s Mercy Hospital and specifically towards “out patient services” a worthy cause and I am happy to help CMH further. Also of note, I am doing another event for CMH called Art for Arthritis next week on Sept 26th. I will post deets here, sheesh I update my Facebook more than I do here. Ridiculous really! Gotta roll out now…

Been so busy hustlin just now posting

jungle leaves golden armsOk so I feel like I just came outta hibernating, been focusing on my art goals and realized I need to update my blog. Ridiculous really as I have the WordPress app on my phone, sheesh, anyhow onto all the good news. Been super busy helping out charities and good causes, just make it and trust enough to give it away on the spot often times. This I like. Exhilarating performing without hesitation.

Ok so, here is a piece I did for a personal friend that asked me to live-paint and help raise funds for domestic violence. A very beautiful night in support of Rose Brooks Center a domestic violence shelter here in greater KCMO. I got to live paint to my friend Vania, who is full on Bach & Beethoven skilled, and another Russian opera singer joined in. Oh my it was intense! Felt like I was in my own personal Radiohead song for the duration of all the orange line work. Not kidding ya, I went to another place when her vocals kicked in! Ok so, I had about 1hr to slay this 18×24 canvas and this is the result. Very happy to say that it sold for $400 and it felt nice to be able to generate that kinda loot with one hour of my time.

I painted this on KC Live


Got an opportunity to live-paint on KC’s biggest morning talk show for their “Friday Art Attack” and on Valentine’s Day no less… so I decided to pack the monsters, fear, and angst away for one day and chose to focus on positive energy and exploring my “Jungle Leaves” series. I only had 45 min tops to slay this 24″x30″ canvas and then talk about it, and then donate to charity. What a whirlwind, but I had a blast and really felt relaxed the whole time.

I chose Mattie Rhodes Art Center as my charity to donate this piece to, and they are having a huge fundraiser this Spring where my piece will be auctioned off to support underprivileged little vatos further their artistic growth.

Here is the finished piece.


Visual Aids art benefit


Join Visual AIDS for our most popular event on the year! Postcards From The Edge is an exhibition and benefit sale of over 1300 original, postcard-sized works of art by internationally renowned and emerging artists. It is the most exciting and affordable way to add to your art collection.

All artwork is only $85 each! What’s the catch? Each piece is exhibited anonymously, and the identity of the artist is revealed only after the work is purchased. Whether you walk away with a piece by a famous artist, or someone making their debut, you are sure to find something you love!


526 W. 26th St. # 510
New York, NY 10001

Postcards from the Edge

Saturday January 25 from 10am – 6pm
$85 each. Buy 4 & get the 5th as our THANK YOU
Sunday January 26 from 12pm to 4pm
$85 each. Buy 2 & get the 3rd as our THANK YOU


Custom piece for art benefit

This past weekend I was honored to donate a custom piece for a great cause for SAVE, Inc. an organization focusing on providing housing solutions to socially and medically disadvantaged people.

I was 1 of 4 artists chosen to live-paint on the morning of October 25th while on set for Kansas City’s main morning talk show KC LIVE and had 52 minutes to complete it. Thankfully we were able to take these home and I spiffed it up to what you see here… a 24″x30″ canvas.



Paint The Town benefit auction

Paint The Town flyer

See some of Kansas City’s most flourishing artists create and perform before your eyes, including our city’s best musicians. Five visual artists will be creating throughout the night, and you will be treated to three amazing bands covering Bossa Nova, Brazilian jazz and Samba. Prepare to dance all night! There will be multiple performances from Brazil Academy, including Samba dancers and capoeira performers. See photos of our last four sold-out events on our Paint The Town Facebook page.

September 21, 2013 ~ 6-11 p.m.
Poolside at the InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza
401 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64112

Savor a delicious Brazilian themed menu designed by our Executive Chef, complete with a premium bar. You can expect to see gauchos carving Brazilian meat “Churrasco,” and partake in scrumptious dishes like pão de queijo, coxinha, feijoada, moqueca and brigadeiros. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without the traditional Brazilian drink, the caipirinha.

While Paint the Town is an event infused with artists, we honor the art of healing and compassion found within Saint Luke’s Hospital. This year’s event celebrates the 50th anniversary of Saint Luke’s Foundation and its history of supporting the hospital’s unique role as a not-for-profit academic medical center. Proceeds will support medical education, research, and patient programs at Saint Luke’s.

Want to Paint the Town? Learn how you can become a sponsor or feel free to email Christina Eldridge or call 816-932-6923.

Was honored to be a part of this event and enjoyed challenging myself to create a “calmer” work of art than usual.

Art for Arthritis benefit auction

Art for Arthritis flyer

Most people don’t think about children having arthritis but more than 3,000 children in the Kansas City Metro area have some form of this painful disease. Our Art for Arthritis event teams as many as 20 local children affected by juvenile arthritis with area artists to spend a summer together creating unique pieces of artwork. The art is then auctioned off at the Art for Arthritis event in order to raise money for nationwide arthritis research, as well as local programs and services.

This event, however, is much more than a fundraiser. It affords local children with arthritis an introduction to the arts and teaches them to utilize art as an alternative method of self-expression free from the restrictions their disease. To learn more please visit Art for Arthritis and learn how to you can help.

Was honored to be a part of this event and enjoyed challenging myself to create a “calmer” work of art than usual.

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