I’m having a two man art show with my super skilled friend Burn353 in Saint Louis this Saturday 5/16 starting at 7p… we are showing at my dope friend Peat “EYEZ” Wollager’s gallery called 2222art. Sponsored by 4 Hands Brewing Company.

Two Two Two Two Art Gallery
2222 South Jefferson Ave St
Saint Louis, MO 63104

Here is one of the brand new etchings done with a laser cutter of my “noodle creatures”. Done on thick wood with a mixture of stencils and burned etching.

Here is a side view to see the etching depth.

And here is a Glow In The Dark version using Dayglow Fluorescent ink, fun fun!

Each of these etchings measure 8×8″ on thick wood. Custom colors may be requested, and each one will sell for $100.

via PressSync

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