For a long time now, I have had an interest in researching pre-Hispanic and early Mesoamerican art. Specifically glyphs, murals, cave art, and stone carvings. This Mayan jaguar you see is one of my first explorations into this territory. Keeping with time period colors, I rolled with their use of rust, bone white, and teal. Many animals were celebrated in these cultures, so this is just one of many to come. I am very excited to continue on with this line of exploration.

Here is a sample of the fantastic reference material I’ve been collecting.

Of note, I did my Mayan jaguar piece for an event called Comida, the 2nd Annual Latin Culinary Arts Experience.

Proceeds to benefit the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City and the Greater Kansas City Hispanic Collaborative.

Honorary Chef: Michael Smith. Comida showcased 12 chefs, 2 restaurateurs, and 8 Mixologists – all of which create contemporary interpretations of traditional dishes and libations from a variety of Latin cultures.

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