Come out and help with a great cause, approximately 170 local and nationally recognized dope artists will be reppin “hearts” with their custom art work tonight… and oh my, all will surely be available for purchase! I did 2 pieces and my sweetie daughter did 1 piece!

So here’s the quick skinny, in case you find urself here wondering what all this talk of “hearts” is all about. It’s basically a silent art auction on Dec 5th @ the VML Wise gallery near 2019 Baltimore right in the heart of the Crossroads. Over 170 hearts will be available, a wood cutout that each artist took and crafted in their own medium. So sum artists used paint, some used clay to mold pieces, and yet sum glued found objects onto the 12″x16″ wood surface of 1/2″. This is one show NOT to be missed, def worth your time and effort and contribute to a good cause all at once!

Shout out to Scribe, he is the brainchild behind this massively successful event, thank you for having a deep vision to help so many families thru garnering collaboration amongst so many talented local & national cats!

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