Hustling 300MPH so it seems…

Big new mural

Hello again fans, friends, and ghouls I know i’m a spazz and horrible bout updating here. Really my Instagram feed is the place to be to keep up on my latest art news. Go run now, ha ha. flee now with your drool cups in hand to follow VisualSoul on Instagram or also see my side bar at right, you may click that also.

Ok so the real story is how I was commissioned to paint a big wall on 1815 Prospect Ave in Kansas City, MO for an industrial rubber supplier company called Kansas City Rubber & Belting, a long 40′ x 8′ tall wall facing the West side of street, lotsa traffic, other janky looking buildings surround it, so I figured if I could help beautify things then i am game. My friend Joe Skates is an old college friend and he’s the owner of a long standing KC company that wanted his building to have some life. This wall is BAM right next to the main entrance, so customers and other street walkers will see it. I tell ya I get honks and tons of street love from all the walkers, I really appreciate it. Soon I will show the full project and create a reveal section here with slide shows and such.

Burn Your Soul art show

A super dope two man Art Show featuring the incredible Burn353 & VisualSoul super slaying the visuals to get ur mouths droolin. In addition to big art, we will have mini art, Shirts, Sticker Slaps, Buttons, Prints, and Zines for all price ranges.

This is Burn353’s first showing in KC, as he is Nationally known from coast to coast. Come give him sum eye ball love and enjoy this great event space that MOD Gallery has put together.

We will have sumptuous beats by DJ Ray Velazquez and a cash bar.

MOD gallery
1809 McGee
KCMO, 64111

Sponsored by:
Red Bull Energy Drink
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Tallgrass Brewing Company

Go visit Burn353’s website to see more of his art.

Meet Me In The Middle art show

I’m having a two man art show with my super skilled friend Burn353 in Saint Louis this Saturday 5/16 starting at 7p… we are showing at my dope friend Peat “EYEZ” Wollager’s gallery called 2222art. Sponsored by 4 Hands Brewing Company.

Two Two Two Two Art Gallery
2222 South Jefferson Ave St
Saint Louis, MO 63104

Here is one of the brand new etchings done with a laser cutter of my “noodle creatures”. Done on thick wood with a mixture of stencils and burned etching.

Here is a side view to see the etching depth.

And here is a Glow In The Dark version using Dayglow Fluorescent ink, fun fun!

Each of these etchings measure 8×8″ on thick wood. Custom colors may be requested, and each one will sell for $100.

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Live Painting tonight w/3 friends!

Ok so, I’m really hoping that old axiom that better late than never is really true. Heads up… I’m live painting again tonight, with sum friends, and possible felons. But hey artists are a dicey bunch. The plan is to have 2 walls on each side of the stage, pin up big sheets of watercolor paper on these set stage walls and visually assault anything & everything for 3hrs! Ha ha. At the end of night, we should have 4 pieces that will be available for sale.

Phosphor Studios
1730 Broadway
KCMO, 64108

Starts at 7:30pm
There will be 3 bands and cash bar. Or BYOB if ya wanna.

Invite ur friends & come see us get down!

In case anyone is curious, here is the piece I completed last night with 100% of proceeds going towards the Rose Brooks charity for Domestic Violence.

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Will be Live Painting on 4/30

I am live painting to help a good cause. Will be taking place @7:30p at…

Faith Lutheran Church
4805 W 67th Street
Prairie Village, KS 66208

Come watch me create a sweet piece live on the spot in about 1hr. Then it will be silent auctioned off soon after completion. So come out, it’s a free event and supports Rose Brooks Center which exists to counteract Domestic Violence.

This is my second year lending my talents to help out a friend, so that down the road all of our efforts will help a family in need. Peace and come on out!

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New art experiments… Mayan jaguar

For a long time now, I have had an interest in researching pre-Hispanic and early Mesoamerican art. Specifically glyphs, murals, cave art, and stone carvings. This Mayan jaguar you see is one of my first explorations into this territory. Keeping with time period colors, I rolled with their use of rust, bone white, and teal. Many animals were celebrated in these cultures, so this is just one of many to come. I am very excited to continue on with this line of exploration.

Here is a sample of the fantastic reference material I’ve been collecting.

Of note, I did my Mayan jaguar piece for an event called Comida, the 2nd Annual Latin Culinary Arts Experience.

Proceeds to benefit the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City and the Greater Kansas City Hispanic Collaborative.

Honorary Chef: Michael Smith. Comida showcased 12 chefs, 2 restaurateurs, and 8 Mixologists – all of which create contemporary interpretations of traditional dishes and libations from a variety of Latin cultures.

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My solo Art Show… Jungle Dreamz

Ok so guess what ladies and gents. I have a hot new Art Show coming up here soon, this First Friday on March 6th @Silver Screen Salon, address is listed below. I’m having 25 pieces of art, many of which are brand new within the past 6 months so not many have seen these. Please hop on by my friend’s spot and say hi. Ask me anything you want. I will have my prints and zines wit me… will also have sum free swag.

Silver Screen Salon
1718 Wyandotte Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

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Solo show tomorrow @Zimmer

Ok so I only have a smartphone in my pocket that I constantly fiddle with, yeeeeeahz so just now getting a post going to announce my show tomorrow. Sheesh have only known about it for like a month, better late than never, ha ha. Must get quicker on the uptake in 2015 sheesh its a must.

This is my first show of the year, and I luv starting the New Year off with a bang. I will be showing 17 pieces, many seen for the first time really so this will be a good show to see a range of my skills. Mostly keeping my snarling Mouthbreathing monsters at home for this show, but I will have sum pieces with bite to them, i promise.

Wine and light refreshments will be provided.

Zimmer Real Estate Services
1220 Washington Street #100
Kansas City, MO 64105

Hearts art auction for charity tonight!

Come out and help with a great cause, approximately 170 local and nationally recognized dope artists will be reppin “hearts” with their custom art work tonight… and oh my, all will surely be available for purchase! I did 2 pieces and my sweetie daughter did 1 piece!

So here’s the quick skinny, in case you find urself here wondering what all this talk of “hearts” is all about. It’s basically a silent art auction on Dec 5th @ the VML Wise gallery near 2019 Baltimore right in the heart of the Crossroads. Over 170 hearts will be available, a wood cutout that each artist took and crafted in their own medium. So sum artists used paint, some used clay to mold pieces, and yet sum glued found objects onto the 12″x16″ wood surface of 1/2″. This is one show NOT to be missed, def worth your time and effort and contribute to a good cause all at once!

Shout out to Scribe, he is the brainchild behind this massively successful event, thank you for having a deep vision to help so many families thru garnering collaboration amongst so many talented local & national cats!

Live painted this for Evo launch in KC

Yellow girl, blue hair in jungle leafy goodness

Live Painted this at EVO launch event.

Hustlin 300MPH it seems for several weeks straight now, feels good to be so active but dragging a bit on my social media posts. Ok so I got asked to do a live painting for an event this past Monday, Sept 22nd for a high-end hair care product line called Evo at a local bar Tank Room. Basically had 3hrs to bang on something and I wanted the focus to be girls hair, so I chose a composition never done before. Felt good 2 take risk in such a public setting. Painted this on 24″x36″ wood surface, and the company owner bought my piece at end of night!

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